Are You Moving In Or Out?

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Having a roof over your head is basically a necessary need for every human being, because you must have a permanent place to go back to at the end of the day, for many purposes. The main reason being having somewhere safe to sleep, with an adequate supply of food and water, which are the other two basic needs we must have in order to survive. The fact that we must always have a place to live our lives has always been instilled into our minds since a very young age, clearly shows how important it is.
We’ll live with our parents and siblings till were mature enough to leave and start our own life all by ourselves, and that whole experience is liberating and quite interesting, to be honest. It’s a time where you learn to survive without the help of our beloved parents, even though they’ll always be watching out and praying for us, no matter what we do with our lives. It’s basically going out into the world and learning new things, getting our first jobs, first incomes, and a whole lot of other milestones along the way.In various different countries around the world, there are some interesting traditions and values that are passed from generation to generation, with new ones being added into the mix as well.
Where as in America you have to leave your family by the ages of 16 or 18, it’s a different story altogether with Asian countries, because there’s no particular rule which means you can stay as long as you want, ‘we’re there to support you forever’, which has its pros and cons when you look at it. But considering the negative side, with your family backing you up, you won’t feel the need to step out and start doing things on your own, like getting a job and contributing to the utility expenses, something that your parents should encourage you to do. Instead, some people end up living off their parent’s hard earned money for god knows how long. Properly speaking they should start looking for a house for sale pattaya, and give their parents a well -deserved break by paying them back gradually.
Its sad how these people take advantage of their parent’s kindness, as it goes too far sometimes. They probably won’t even know how much house rent they owe.This is why the Asian culture needs a lot of improvement, because they tend to give their off-spring too little or too much freedom, which isn’t great.