How To Plan A Weekend In Bright?

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Bright town in Victoria can be a wonderful place to visit any time of the year. With several scenic landscapes to explore here as well as historic places to discover, you can expect to have a great time here no matter what part of the year you are traveling here.

Visit during the summer time

As this town gives access to the alpine regions of Victoria, you will have several trekking and hiking opportunities in summer. If you have a pet, you could look at dog friendly accommodation options in this town. Besides walks by the Ovens River or Morse’s Creek, you could hike up several mountain ranges here such as Mount Feathertop, Mount Hotham or Mount Bogong. You could also plan a visit to the Mount Buffalo National Park that has wonderful attractions for visitors and provides one a chance to explore the unique flora and fauna in this area. If you are less adventurous, simply walk around the town and explore the streets while taking your pet for a stroll.

Winter time thrills

If you love to ski and the view of snow clad mountains excites you, this is one place you will want to make your base as your winter vacation getaway. With access to the Victorian Alps region, you can plan to stay at one of the several luxury holiday homes Bright here. Many skiers make their base in Bright as they plan to travel up the slopes. If you are traveling with family, it becomes a more convenient base camp than hauling everyone up the precipitous areas of the higher ranges.

What to do in Bright town?

With several restaurants and cafes located in this town, you will not have a scarcity of places to explore for unique cuisine or to indulge in gastronomical delights. There are breweries to visit, wineries to explore nearby as well as antique bazaars to explore here. No matter what time of the year you come here, there are several activities to indulge in. From hikes by the river to rail trail exploration, road or mountain biking, day tours and others, you have all the options for outdoor activities for your health and entertainment. With several spacious accommodation rentals to take up, you will be able to stay in large groups if you wish to in homes that are given out on rent or for holiday rentals by home owners. These are reasonably priced and allow groups of people to live at home like comfort. You can easily choose among different options available in this area through portals online.